Meals and Souvenirs

In this park, we have prepared special items that are only available here to commemorate everyone who visits the park.

Information for "Soba-Dokoro"


Enjoy delicious soba in a wooden structure with a view surrounded by pine forests.

"Numazu Riverside Hotel" You can enjoy buckwheat noodles with Japanese specialties, Kanokawa chef's special soup stock and soup stock. Among them, "Duck Tsukune Tsuke-soba" is the most popular.
It can also be used as a venue for meals and meetings of 5 or more people.

Soba restaurant menu

You can enjoy soba at the side of a wooden building with a view surrounded by pine forest. Enjoy seasonal soba by the Japanese head chef of Numazu Riverside Hotel.


  • Seiro Soba

    Seiro Soba 850Yen

  • Nankobai

    Nankobai Soba 950Yen

  • Kamotsukune-Tsukesoba

    Kamotsukune-Tsukesoba 1,150Yen

  • Kinoko-Soba

    Kinoko-Soba(Seasonal only) 950Yen

Reservations and Inquiries

Guidance of cafe "Shume"


The table is lined with heavy tables using the garden's pine trees, and the cafe on the terrace is popular for enjoying the view of the garden.

It is a cafe and snack shop that is a remodeled "Shume" (stable) of the royal residence. We are waiting for you with curry rice, hamburger lunch, skewered dumplings, warabi mochi, green tea, etc. It is used by many people as a resting place when taking a walk in the garden.

The menu of Cafe "syume"

Inside the store, which has been renovated from a building that was used as a stable,is a line of heavy tables using pine trees in the garden.
The cafe seated behind the pine tree is also popular for enjoying the view of the garden.

Drink menu

  • Coffee400Yen
  • Darjeeling tea400Yen
  • Orange juice400Yen
  • Grapefruit juice400Yen
  • Oolong Tea400Yen
  • Coca Cola400Yen
  • Melon Soda400Yen
  • Cream soda550Yen
  • "Tachibana" squash600Yen

  • Coffee320Yen
  • Darjeeling tea320Yen
  • Orange juice320Yen
  • Grapefruit juice320Yen

  • Lager beer650Yen
  • non-alcoholic beer "All Free"450Yen
  • Sake (cold)550Yen
Food Menu

  • Matcha with Japanese sweets850Yen
  • Matcha Zenzai780Yen
  • Chestnut Zenzai780Yen
  • Monarantan parfait850Yen
  • Matcha parfait780Yen
  • Anmitsu with ice cream780Yen
  • Baked mochi500Yen
  • Skewer dumpling350Yen
  • Pancake600Yen
  • Coffee flavored warabi mochi600Yen
  • Warabi mochi550Yen
  • Warabi mochi with soft ice cream600Yen
  • "Syume" pudding450Yen
  • Soft ice cream320Yen
  • Toroten500Yen
  • Shaved ice (various)300Yen~
  • Amazake450Yen

  • Curry and rice900Yen
  • Udon noodles600Yen
  • Curry rice and drink set1,200Yen
  • Curry rice and beer set1,300Yen
Reservations and Inquiries

Information for souvenirs

We have prepared special items only available here to commemorate everyone visiting the Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park.

Items such as Empress Masako`s symbol "Hamanasu" and Princes Kiko's symbol "Hiogi Ayame" arranged flowers, a piece of writing sticker associated with the Imperial House, and sweets sold only here have been well received.

Original Japanese and Western confectionery



1 box 1,200 yen (6 pieces)

Baked sweets finished with white chocolate in the image of chrysanthemums. It has been awarded the 23rd National Confectionery Exposition Gold Award and is for sale only at the residence.


松風のおと(Matsukazenooto)Box 1,300 yen (10 pieces)

Sweets that incorporates the five flavors of seaweed, white sesame, green tea, plums, and peanuts into the "Okaki" image of the majestic old pine tree of the Imperial Villa.
Imperial Villa Galette

Imperial Villa Galette

Imperial Villa Galette
1 box 1,200 yen (5 pieces)

Butter-flavored baked goods.
Its refreshing texture makes it a good match for coffee and tea.
Imperial Villa Galette
Imperial Villa Yokan

Imperial Villa Yokan

Imperial Villa Yokan1 box 780 yen (4 pieces)

It is light and elegant. There are four types of flavors: Ogura, plum, salty and matcha.
Imperial Villa Yokan


駿河の汐風(Suruga-no-Shiokaze)1 box 700 Yen

An elegant "Okaki" with a salty flavor of Heda's deep sea water.
Imperial Villa curry

Imperial Villa curry

Imperial Villa curry1 box 750 Yen

Isao Serizawa, the head chef of the Numazu Riverside Hotel, is an original curry of the Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park with a modern arrangement of the imperial recipes of the past.
Imperial Villa curry



Shizuoka tea with various refreshing aromas, mellow sweetness and richness.

Original Goods



ふくさ(Fukusa)1,330 yen each

The embroidery of "Emblem" is put on a 100% polyester sachet.
  • Empress (Hamanasu) : Embroidery on the rose fabric
  • Former Empress (Birch) : Embroidery of pale purple birch ・ Embroidery of birch on pale pink
  • Princess Kiko (iris) : Embroidered irises on dark blue fabric


Throw1,330 yen each

The embroidery of "Emblem" is put on the stylish white cotton lace ground.
  • Empress (Hamanasu) : Salmon pink, purple embroidery
  • Former Empress (Birch) : Pink, white embroidery
  • Princess Kiko (Iris) : Pink embroidery
Hand towel

Hand towel

Hand towel770 yen each

The handkerchief of a comfortable towel has "Emblem" embroidery.
  • Empress (Hamanasu) : Purple
  • Former Empress (Birch) : White/Green/Blue
  • Princess Kiko (Iris) : Blue
  • Princess Aiko(Azalea): Yellow
  • Princess Mako(Rose): Yellow
  • Princess Kako(Yuna): Pink
Hand towel
Hand towel(for men)

Hand towel(for men)

Hand towel
(for men)870 yen each

A luxurious handkerchief is embroidered with the "Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park mark".
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Moss Green
Hand towel(for men)


Notepad360 Yen

It is a memo pad in which 5 kinds of each of 6 kinds of patterns named after the hamanasu house are spelled.