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At the Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park,
why don't you think of the life of the Imperial Family at the time?

About Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park

The Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park was rented free of charge to Numazu City after the Numazu Imperial Villa was abolished in 1969, and opened in 1975 as the "Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park".
The exterior, gardens, and rooms that retain the remnants of the retreat of the Imperial Family throughout the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras are not only of historical value, but also create an inspiring atmosphere.
Please come to Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park. We'll be expecting you.

The Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park Entrance Gate


1892 (Meiji 25)
Construction of the main residence commenced for the rest of the Emperor Taisho (then the Crown Prince)
1893 (Meiji 26)
The main residence (1,200 m2 wooden one-story building) is completed
1896 (Meiji 29)
New ypur living room of main residence expanded
1900 (Meiji 33)
Western-style mansion expanded
1903 (Meiji 36)
The East Annex is built as an academic institution (the Akasaka Imperial Villa Togu-Daibu House is relocated)
1905 (Meiji 38)
The Imperial Household Agency purchases the villa of Earl Kawamura Sumiyoshi and makes it a West Annex
1906 (Meiji 39)
Relocate the building attached to the Imperial Palace Kashikodokoro to the West Annex (living room, bedroom, dressing room)
1908 (Meiji 41)
Add a car port to the West Annex, add bathroom, etc.
1922 (Taisho 11)
Add an billiards room at West Annex
1945 (Showa 20)
The main house is destroyed by fire in Numazu air raid
1969 (Showa 44)
The Imperial Villa was abolished and lent to Numazu City free of charge
1970 (Showa 45)
Opened as Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park
2006 (Heisei 18)
Selected for "100 Japanese Historical Parks" in the 50th anniversary project of the enforcement of the City Park Law
2016 (Heisei 28)
Designated as a national scenic spot by the name of "Old Numazu Imperial Villa Land"
The Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park West Annex

Information for main facilities

West Annex

This is a valuable example of court architecture nationwide, and it is a space where you can feel the smell of the life of the Imperial people at the time.

This is a valuable example of a royal court building nationwide, combining the official parts such as audience highlights and the living part such as the Imperial Palace, and is a significant building from the history of housing.
Wood is washed out of the original construction and only the damaged or damaged parts are replaced, and glass is hand-made by German artisans to restore it to its original construction.
Furniture and furniture used in those days are well preserved, making it easy to understand how the building is used and to feel the smell of life.

West Annex

higashi Annex

You can use the facilities of the Higashi Annex, a historic building from the Meiji era.

The East Annex has been renovated and maintained as a base for cultural and cultural activities as a place of exchange for everyone, taking over the history of the former academic institution.
This Higashi-affiliated residence is a training room for tea ceremony, flower arrangement, incense, courtesy, dressing, waka, haiku, etc. In addition to use, it can be used for weddings, photography, dinner parties, etc.
The excellent environment of a Japanese garden surrounded by black pine forests will invite visitors to the world of elegance.

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East Annex

Cafe "Syume"

Inside the store, there are a lot of tables using the pine in the garden, and the cafe seats on the terrace are popular for enjoying the view of the garden.

This is a cafe and light meal shop that has been remodeled from the "Syume" (stables) of the Imperial House period. Curry rice, hamburger lunch, kushi-dango, warabimochi, matcha, etc. are waiting for you. It is used by many people as a resting place when walking around the garden.

The menu of Cafe "syume"

In the cafe where the building that was used as a stable was renovated, there are heavy tables using pine in the park.
A cafe located under a pine tree is also popular for enjoying the garden scenery

Drink menu

  • Coffee400Yen
  • Darjeeling tea400Yen
  • Orange juice400Yen
  • Grapefruit juice400Yen
  • Oolong Tea400Yen
  • Coca Cola400Yen
  • Melon Soda400Yen
  • Cream soda550Yen
  • "Tachibana" squash600Yen

  • Coffee320Yen
  • Darjeeling tea320Yen
  • Orange juice320Yen
  • Grapefruit juice320Yen

  • Lager beer650Yen
  • non-alcoholic beer "All Free"450Yen
  • Sake (cold)550Yen
Food Menu

  • Matcha with Japanese sweets850Yen
  • Matcha Zenzai780Yen
  • Chestnut Zenzai780Yen
  • Monarantan parfait850Yen
  • Matcha parfait780Yen
  • Anmitsu with ice cream780Yen
  • Baked mochi500Yen
  • Skewer dumpling350Yen
  • Pancake600Yen
  • Coffee flavored warabi mochi600Yen
  • Warabi mochi550Yen
  • Warabi mochi with soft ice cream600Yen
  • "Syume" pudding450Yen
  • Soft ice cream320Yen
  • Toroten500Yen
  • Shaved ice (various)300Yen~
  • Amazake450Yen

  • Curry and rice900Yen
  • Udon noodles600Yen
  • Curry rice and drink set1,200Yen
  • Curry rice and beer set1,300Yen
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Enjoy a delicious soba in a scenic wooden building surrounded by pine forests.

"Numazu Riverside Hotel" You can enjoy soba noodles with specially made kake soup and soup soup. Among them, “Duck Tsukune Tsukisoba” is the most popular.
It can also be used as a venue for meals and meetings for 5 or more people.

Soba restaurant menu

You can enjoy soba in a wooden building with a view surrounded by pine forests. Please enjoy the seasonal soba noodles by the Japanese chef of Numazu Riverside Hotel.


  • Seiro Soba

    Seiro Soba 850Yen

  • Nankobai

    Nankobai Soba 950Yen

  • Kamotsukune-Tsukesoba

    Kamotsukune-Tsukesoba 1,150Yen

  • Kinoko-Soba

    Kinoko-Soba(Seasonal only) 950Yen

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Numazugaki Square

We have fun events throughout the year.
Please come and visit us.

There is a rest plaza surrounded by Numazu fence on the east side of the entrance to the Nishi Attached House. It is used as a plaza for various events, and fun events are held.

Numazugaki Square

About designation of national scenic spots

Mt. Fuji over the Suruga Bay

We hope you enjoy the fusion of the wonderful natural scenery and history. We look forward to your visit.

On October 3, 2016, part of the scenery of the Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park was designated as a national scenic spot as "Former Numazu Imperial Villa Garden".
The designation of this time is that the lawn of the former Imperial Palace and the pine forest are in harmony, the view of Suruga Bay can be obtained, and the view of Mt.Fuji can be seen over Matsubara. It is evaluated that it exists.
At nightfall, you may be able to see the "Daruma sunset" over the Suruga Bay.