To groups and travel agents

At Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park, we accept advance reservations for group travelers.
For 30 or more people, we will discount the admission fee / 410 yen for adults to 260 yen

Reception hours: 9 am-4:30pm

Prepare your meal

In the Imperial Villa Memorial Park, in addition to the special soba set meal for the Imperial Villa, we also have lunch boxes made by Numazu Riverside Hotel.

Prepare your meal

Information for soba set meal

We have prepared popular soba at the Imperial Villa Memorial Park as a set meal for groups. It is possible to add green tea, sweets, etc., so please consult and make a reservation in advance.

  • Seiboba soba set meal

    Seiboba soba set meal 1,650Yen
    (Seiiro soba, Inari sushi, Seasonal vegee)

  • Duck meatball soba set meal

    Duck meatball soba set meal 2,200Yen
    (Duck meatball Tsuke-soba, Inari sushi, Seasonal vegee)

* All prices shown include tax.

Reservations and Inquiries

Lunch box information

We have reservations for catering lunches for groups and groups (from Numazu Riverside Hotel Japanese Cuisine "Kanokawa") by reservation from 5 people. The price is from 1,100 yen to 5,500 yen (tax included).

Please make a reservation at least 2 weeks before use.
We may not be able to accept reservations for the year-end and New Year holidays, so please check early.

  • Yamabuki

    Yamabuki 1,100Yen

  • Syoubu

    Syoubbu 1,650Yen

  • Botan

    Botan 2,200Yen

  • Selection Sango

    Selection Sango 3.300Yen

  • Good selection Kohaku

    Good selection Kohaku 4,400Yen

  • Special selection Hisui

    Special selection Hisui 5,500Yen

* All prices shown include tax.

Reservations and Inquiriesせ