Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park

Suruga Bay and Majestic Mt.Fuji
`` Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park '' in scenic Numazu

What is the beginning of Numazu Imperial Villa? The Numazu Imperial Villa was built in 1893 as a retreat destination for the Emperor Taisho (then the Crown Prince).
After that, the Higashi Annex was built as a school of study, and as a residence for the younger Emperor Showa, The Nishi Annex was built in order, and in 1922 the Billiard room was expanded and completed.
In July 1945, the main house was destroyed by fire during the Great Numazu Raid, but the East and West Affiliated Houses were spared.
It was used as a mansion until 1969 (Showa 44).
It has been managed by Numazu City since 1970, and has been maintained as the Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park, and has continued to this day.
In October 2016, a part of the scenery of Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park was designated as a “Numazu Imperial Villa Garden Land” as a national scenic spot.

Nishi Attached House

Latest information

Tanabata decoration and "Ajisai Teahouse"
6/6 (Sat) -7/12 (Sun)
Please pray with bamboo strips related to Princess Kaguya and decorate the strips.
In addition, 10 kinds of 2,300 hydrangea flowers are blooming, and at the "Ajisai Teahouse", matcha green tea (with Japanese sweets): 500 yen, skewered dumplings (with roasted green tea): 350 yen. Please enjoy. Period: Saturday and Sunday until 6/28 days
About the use and viewing of the Higashi Annex
Request for advance reservation
Advance reservations are required for use and viewing of the Higashi Annex.
If you wish, please contact the following. Thank you.
Phone: 055-931-0005
Notice of opening
Open from Monday, May 18
Due to the cancellation of the emergency declaration, the park will be open from Monday, May 18th.
The West House, East House, and shops will be available from Thursday, May 21
. In addition, the cafe "Main Horse" and the soba restaurant will be opened one after another as soon as they are ready.
Please wear a mask when entering the park. We appreciate your cooperation.
Infection prevention policy at Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park & ??ensp; & ensp; View policy
Floral Calendar

Floral calendar

In the garden, you can enjoy a variety of seasonal flowers.
Why not take a stroll through the garden?

Now is the best time


The hydrangea season of the Imperial Villa is finally here.
Inside and outside the garden, 10 kinds of 2,300 hydrangea plants come first, and the atmosphere is special. A hydrangea teahouse will also be added.

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Meals and souvenirs

Meals and souvenirs

In this park, so as to commemorate the visitors,
We have special items only available here.

Original Japanese and Western confectionery



1 box 1,200 yen (6 pieces)

Baked sweets finished with white chocolate in the image of chrysanthemums. It has been awarded the 23rd National Confectionery Exposition Gold Award and is for sale only at the residence.


松風のおと(Matsukazenooto)Box 1,300 yen (10 pieces)

Sweets that incorporates the five flavors of seaweed, white sesame, green tea, plums, and peanuts into the "Okaki" image of the majestic old pine tree of the Imperial Villa.
Imperial Villa Galette

Imperial Villa Galette

Imperial Villa Galette
1 box 1,200 yen (5 pieces)

Butter-flavored baked goods.
Its refreshing texture makes it a good match for coffee and tea.
Imperial Villa Galette

Original goods



ふくさ(Fukusa)1,330 yen each

The embroidery of "Emblem" is put on a 100% polyester sachet.
  • Empress (Hamanasu) : Embroidery on the rose fabric
  • Former Empress (Birch) : Embroidery of pale purple birch ・ Embroidery of birch on pale pink
  • Princess Kiko (iris) : Embroidered irises on dark blue fabric


Throw1,330 yen each

The embroidery of "Emblem" is put on the stylish white cotton lace ground.
  • Empress (Hamanasu) : Salmon pink, purple embroidery
  • Former Empress (Birch) : Pink, white embroidery
  • Princess Kiko (Iris) : Pink embroidery
Hand towel

Hand towel

Hand towel770 yen each

The handkerchief of a comfortable towel has "Emblem" embroidery.
  • Empress (Hamanasu) : Purple
  • Former Empress (Birch) : White/Green/Blue
  • Princess Kiko (Iris) : Blue
  • Princess Aiko(Azalea): Yellow
  • Princess Mako(Rose): Yellow
  • Princess Kako(Yuna): Pink
Hand towel
Opening hours and fees

Opening hours and fees

Opening hours
Admission only Adult 100 yen Elementary and junior high school student 50 yen
(Infants are free)
Includes viewing fee Adult 410 yen Elementary and junior high school student 200 yen
(Infants are free)

Group rate (30 people or more)
Admission only Adult 60 yen Elementary and junior high school student 30 yen
(Infants are free)
Including viewing fee Adult 260 yen Elementary and junior high school student 130 yen
(Infants are free)

※You can visit the Nishi Attached House by paying a viewing fee.
Normal car free
Bus / microbus \ 1,040 / unit